About Us

RC GLOBAL RESEARCH TRAINING AND CONSULTANCY is a capacity-building company that seeks to promote research, training, and consultancy in the region and beyond.


Professional Excellence: At RC Global Research Training and Consultancy, we provide outstanding professionalism through superb quality services anchored on our profound knowledge and accumulated extensive experience.

Collegiality: We believe in team strength based on mutual respect in delivering our services.

Global Outlook: In pursuant of our mandate we seek to absorb all the best practices in the world while at the same time respecting the prevailing local value systems.

Simplicity and Customer-Centric: We pride ourselves on streamlining complex concepts by ensuring the message is understood by our clients who are at the heart of our mandate.


Our mission is to be a center of excellence in pioneering research as well as capacitating our clients through unparalleled training and development initiatives in search of sustainable development


Our vision is to become a leading research institute that is at the forefront of promoting research, training, and development in Southern Africa in pursuit of sustainable development


We have a dedicated director who cultivates innovation and passion in everyone she meets.

Dr. Chipo Mukonza

Chipo Mukonza is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of RC Global Research Training and Consultancy. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa. In addition, she holds a Masters In Agriculture and Applied Economics and a BSc Honours in Economics. Her research focuses on Business and Climate Change, Green Growth transition/indicators, Green entrepreneurship, and renewable energy.